I don't believe that things happen by accident. Even when painful things have happened in my life, I was confident that there was a reason and that I would understand it eventually. There is no such thing as coincidence.

Here is what I see as an example of my magical thinking (which I understand some use in a derogatory way, but I LIKE the way it sounds):

In my last post, I pondered our collective reaction to people we perceive as famous. I choose that wording carefully. Perception is reality. To Johnny Depp's mother, he is a son. To his sibs, maybe is was (or is) an annoying brother or protector (as my brother has been by turns), I'm sure. His children still probably think he's a god (at least until they become teenagers, at which point he'll instantly become incredibly stupid), and when his wife looks at him, she likely has a burst of oxytocin that makes her heart go pitter-pat; when she doesn't want to stick a fork in his head, at least if he's anything like my husband. And I've got one of the good ones!

So, it is our perception that creates OUR reality. Depp's reality is entirely something else. He's just living a life and doing a job like everyone else. We all have the same basic needs and fears.

In any case, I wondered on this blog last week what it is we want from famous people. A few days later, I was reading A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose by Eckhart Tolle. I've been following along with Oprah's webcasts as I read, but not on the same schedule. Therefore, while they are on like chapter 7 I think, I'm still on chapter 3, The Core of the Ego. But like I said, there are no accidents, so when I came to 'Ego and Fame' I was not surprised. Says Tolle:

"The bane of being famous in this world is that who you are becomes totally obscured by a collective mental image. Most people you meet want to enhance their identity--the mental image of who they are--though association with you. They themselves may not know that they are not interested in you at all, but only in strengthening their ultimately fictitious sense of self. They believe that through you they can become more. They are looking to complete themselves through you, or rather through the mental image they have of you as a famous person, a larger-than-life collective conceptual identity." (pp. 83)

Ask and it is answered! I love that!

Tolle also tells us that Einstein, "...never identified with the image the collective mind had created of him. He remained humble, egoless" and quotes him as speaking of, "a grotesque contradiction between what people consider to be my achievements and abilities and the reality of who I am and what I am capable of." (pp. 84) I had to wonder if that's the sort of attitude that keeps JD grounded (or at least seeming that way).

Again, this post isn't birth related, at least on the surface, and I have no idea if the experience might be at some point. I'm a bit myopic that way. Of course, this experience was not primarily mine either. So, we wait for the Universes to reveal what we are to learn from our encounter. I never thought much about any of this before, but maybe there's a reason I'm supposed to. Maybe my daughter will become photographer to the rich and famous. Maybe her friend Fern will become a high end designer. Maybe Sara's amazing voice will take her far. Chelsea and her friends have serious talent, and as long as they don't think of themselves as less than what they aspire to be, and always believe that they can attain what they desire most, they could be dealing with fame and fortune. They are funny and insightful too. I look at the work they produce now, at 16, and I am astounded. With support, who knows where they will go. Oh well. I'll know when I'm meant to know.

I do have a post though, (about birth!) regarding a 'chance' encounter that may lead to big things for birthing in the U.S. Who would have thought I'd get a brilliant idea about advancing midwifery as a safe option from a business professor in an adult learners undergrad program?

But once again. I'm tired. Life has been so busy it seems I never get a chance to finish one thought before another intrudes, demanding attention. I will get to it though. I also need to post about the survey yet, which is why that damn pop up window is still popping. I dont' want to delete the survey until I can let participants know what it was all about and what the responses were. I hope to have time tomorrow.

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