Hunting the Wild Morel

It may be too early, too cold or too dry, but some folks are finding the little buggers!
In Michigan it was a rite of Spring to go 'shroomin' as often as possible between about now and the end of May or so. However, there was never a spring when we didn't go, and we had a secret 'spot', so it was just a matter of whether or not they were poppin'. Here in WI, we've got not clue as to where they actually may be, so its a much bigger adventure.

We did find about 35 or so last year, by accident. Fortunately, a few can go a long way. We had Morel Fettuccine Alfredo, steak on the grill and red wine. Yum. In days past we would get so many we'd toss them in flour and fry them in butter and communally eat them by the plate. Everyone would grab a fork and snitch at will from the pile of hot fried fungus.

We have no idea what we'll find today, only that we won't be paying the $20/lb. they are going for at local farmer's markets, so I hear, or the $46/lb. they are fetching online. A pound isn't much. It sounds like it, but morels are about 90% water, so they're kinda heavy. It probably ends up costing about $2 per 'shroom. I'm sort of in the same place about them as I was about the Johnny Depp search; I'm willing to go look for them, but there's a limit to the madness. There's a certain excitement to the hunt that makes the experience that much more enjoyable.

So, we're about to jet. When I get back I'll try to write something on the birthing revolution I've been promising. I got to knitting a wrist warmer for my dau this weekend (I've been promising forever but have been too busy for that too) and dealing with some computer issues that are stressing me out, so I didn't get to blog. That particular one is going to take a bit of composition and research. (read: TIME that is at a premium currently)


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