The Birth of a Morel

We got skunked!

As per my last entry, we did get out to the woods today. As we were leaving, we found one sad little 'shroom, just being born. The cap hadn't even popped out all the way yet! He had no friends we could invite for dinner, so we left him.

However, when we arrived home, there was an email from my brother in MI. this is what they found:

Now, keeping in mind the prices I mentioned in the post below, that could be a $500 haul. They had to give much of it away. Sadly, not to us. I don't even know how you'd ship fresh morels. If they are successful in drying any, or if they get another haul like this, we may get some. I hope we can find our own. It is so fun to find them like this!

So, for dinner we had no wild mushroom fettuccine and steak. We had a spinach dish with water chestnuts, scallions and regular mushrooms, all wrapped in phyllo. For desert I tried Sticky Toffee Pudding. I think I'll try to find a recipe for individually made, smaller servings next time. It made huge batch. I guess we'll see how it freezes. I'd really love to know how to tell if I did it right, though. It was good, but the people on the Food Network raved. There were several recipes; how do I know which one is closest to the real deal? I guess if it tastes ok, it's ok.

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