Baby Pictures!

The above photo is of baby Natalie, November 2008 HypnoBirthing baby and her pretty mommy Dawn.

This is Jackson, October HypnoBirthing baby, who is a great example of the idea we use in class of 'If you are taking a trip to Florida, you plan a trip to Florida, not Mississippi. If however, you end up taking a detour into Mississippi, you deal with the detour.' (Or variations thereof)

Jack also has a cute-as-a-bug mommie, BTW, but I LOVE this picture of Jack and she just doesn't happen to be in this one.

Anyway, Jack's mom did a bang up job of growing a nice-sized boy who was probably almost 1/10th her size by the time he was born. (I said she was cute as a bug, and not much bigger besides.) This might not have been a problem; in fact, I had no doubt he would enter the world in the usual way. However, he also decided to come into the world mooning everybody. His dad is quite a funny guy, perhaps he got that from him? There just wasn't room for the little guy to move into a better position, so he was born by cesarean. He and mom did great.

Jackson is such a sweet, mellow little guy! And I don't think I'm biased just because I'm rather fond of his parents-who are friends of ours-too.

I have some pictures of some of the other babies born while I was peddling fast to keep up with life, but I have to get permission from parents before I put them up. I hope it will be soon! I think some moms will want to share stories too.

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