Welcome Baby Rowan!

Rowan was born October '08, but as noted before, I'm still catching up with all of the '08 babies.

I don't have pictures of Rowan or the official birth story yet, but I did talk to his mom, Lisa, and she was very happy with her HypnoBirthing(R) experience. Her body went into labor spontaneously the day before a date scheduled for induction. It was a natural birth, on again/off again for some time, then 'really intense' at the end. I'll post more when I know more.

I have to give a big thanks to Kiko and Emily for bringing Hanako and sharing their birth story with the class that just concluded.

This is Hanako Lily at 3 months:

Emily was on the computer during labor, not sure if she should call Kiko at work or not. She did, and they arrived at the hospital at 7 cm. Hanako was born pretty quickly thereafter. They never even had time to get the cameras and stuff out of the car, so no pictures of the big day! I have such gratitude that they shared this experience with the expectant parents, because as they shared the story they positively glowed. Thank you again!

Zanna was born in MAY! She looks so much like mommy in this picture you wouldn't believe it!

Zanna's mom, Jamie, also states that she was pleased with her birth. They arrived at the hospital at 4 cm with surges that were, "...not painful, but caused to me to take a minute and catch my breath." Jamie states, "If we wouldn't have come to HypnoBirthing I don't think I would have been as calm about the whole process or as
informed about the choices that I could make."

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