Random acts of kindness...

So, I'm at work, and I hear a woman say, "I can't help it; I'm crying" and employees saying, "Did you see that? That makes coming in today worth it."

What happened?

A very pregnant woman who was just talking to another customer about how her husband was 'downsized' into a lower paying position at just the most stressful time. (I mentioned she was about to pop, right?) She is approached by an elderly male customer who overheard her. He says, "Good luck with the new baby" and gives her $100 bill. When she gets over the shock of it and goes after him to say she can't possibly accept, he's gone.

Random acts of kindness. It make up for random acts of stinginess.

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::::wifemothermaniac:::: said...

We were going through a serious financial crisis this last pregnancy, in fact, we were down to our last few dollars while I was in labor, STRESSFUL! That was so kind of that man.