Painless Birth

It's been ages since I actually posted content here, I know. I haven't been a slacker, honest! I'm actually writing a book on painless birth, so I've been researching and writing. Mother's Intention is also about to go out of print, so I'm re-writing as well, hoping to fix what I didn't like about it the first time and perhaps find a publishing house that will pick it up. I'd like to concentrate on writing and research, not billing, marketing, or order fulfillment. I also have two presentations for the HypnoBirthing(R) convention that require preparation. Oh, and I have a 'real job' now too.
In addition, the summer is getting crazy just because that's what summer does.

In any case, I'm putting out a call for birth stories for the new book. I need people to send me stories of their painless natural births (including mostly painless or almost painless), either created (through HypnoBirthing or other means NOT including drugs) or encountered (those fast, painless births that take mothers by surprise in the shower, on the toilet or in gas station bathrooms). If I choose to use your story, I will send the paperwork for official permission to use it. I'm only expecting to use three to five stories at the end of each chapter, so depending on how many submissions I get, there is no guarantee every story will make the cut. You will retain the copyright to your own story, and it will be edited only for spelling and grammar. I'm looking to keep each story under 1,000 words. If typed, we're looking at two or three pages double spaced, size 12 font, 1 inch margins. If you want to include photos, that would be awesome.

Please pass this request around to all of the lists you may be on and to anyone who may want to participate. I'd like a nice assortment of birth locations and birth attendants. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

You can read what I've already written about my easy births at my website. Just click on the category "childbirth." If they would be useful, you may excerpt from them.

Sheridan said...

That is awesome, I will let the moms on my list know! :)

airdriesg said...

I found his website when I looked into hypnobabies. It is EXCELLENT. You will have to get permission, I'm sure, but you can talk to the site author.

Katharine Graves said...

I certainly have plenty of cases of quick and easy births with HypnoBirthing. If yo'd like to email me, I'll let you know.

Katharine Graves
Katharine Graves is a HypnoBirthing teacher holding childbirth courses in London

Anonymous said...

I've posted my second son's Hypnobabies Birth story here

Anna said...

The birth story of my third child is posted here: http://drgnfly7691.livejournal.com/67325.html

It was a wonderful hospital birth. I'm planning for a home birth this time around (currently 34w pregnant with twins).

Cynthia said...

I have listed my two births on my blog here: hypnobabiesbirth.blogspot.com

fastbaby said...

I had a preterm baby at 32 weeks. i had had Braxton hicks from 19 weeks onwards. I walked up to an hour and a half most days, went mountain biking (flats only) up until 24 weeks and did a triathlon at 18 weeks (swim, bike, walk/run - I only walked). My waters broke the night before but I thought I had had "an accident" so didn't worry. I rang my midwife the next morning at 7.30am when I noticed some spotting when going to the toilet. I went into hospital to have a check up and had my first "contraction" at 8.00am followed by another at 8.10am. I was then checked and found to be 10cm dialated! The following contractions felt like the tightening of muscles the same as when you vomit and I finally delivered at 10.20am after being held back as the Drs tried to get steroids etc into my body to prepare my prem son's lungs. I had the use of gas as they tried to stop me pushing while waiting for the drugs/steroids take action.
I could hear other women in other rooms yelling, panting and screaming and secretly wondered what all the fuss was about. My midwife and specialist told me I was one in not many to experience a painless labour but they had seen it before.
I am now looking forward to the arrival of my next baby with anticipation although Morning (all day) sickness has meant less exercise this time around!