HypnoBirthing Video

Below is a video of a British couple talking about their homebirth using HypnoBirthing(R). I don't know how common this is. I currently have my first official homebirth couple after nearly 8 years of teaching!

I say 'official' because my best friend did use HypnoBirthing for her home/water birth, but she didn't take class with me because she lived hours away. I attended her birth and did use the techniques with her, and I did give her a book and CD set. However, I wasn't sure how well it would work for her without the 12 hours of instruction.

In the end, she had an hour and a half labor for a 10 lb. 4 oz. boy, over an intact bottom, oh, and a broken tail bone. I guess it worked!

And here is a video of a woman who had a painless birth using HypnoBirthing for her hospital birth:

Remember, there are videos of fabulous births (many pain-free) throughout this website, so if you want to see positive birth stories, surf around the archives!


Katharine Graves said...

If every pregnant woman knew what a difference HypnoBirthing makes, they would all do the course.

After all, a top sportsman or woman employs a sports psychologist as well as having their body in tiptop condition and, when you think of it, your body is merely a hunk of meat until your mind tells it to do something, and this is why HypnoBirthing is so effective.

Katharine Graves

Katharine Graves is a HypnoBirthing teacher holding childbirth courses in London

Wildner said...


I had a first time mom say just the other day that she had to doubt if this would work for her, because if it was so great and had been around for so long, why wasn't everyone doing it?

I had to tell her, since I've SEEN what a huge difference it makes, and have had wonderful out comes in the parents that have come from my class, I just don't know why everyone doesn't do it. But I do have a lot of guesses! :-)

For one, as I speculated on another post here, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs prevents it. On the pyramid, survival is at the base. They believe that birth is a dangerous, if not deadly, affair. Comfort is one step up on the pyramid; empowering is at the top. They can't think about birth being comfortable or empowering until they believe it is safe.

For another, they think they will be too different; they won't have the same stories to tell as other women. This is a valid concern. I had one woman who had a painless birth, only to be called a liar by members of group she belonged to when she asked if she could bring me in as a speaker. The other women were angry. That wasn't their experience, so the only way they could justify her experience with their own was to assume she was lying. If they dismissed hers, they didn't have to question what happened to them, or perhaps think about doing things differently next time. Because doing things differently would make them different, and one of the most basic human needs for most people is to fit in.

There are so many reasons why women resist the idea of empowering, fantastic HypnoBirthing births. But I have to say, you make such a difference by posting these testimonials. I think we need a workshop at the conclave to tell people how to post video to YouTube so we can get TONS of HypnoBirthing births and testimonials. Will you be there in October? Can you show us?

Sheridan said...

These are great! I love to see parents share the beauty of comfortable births! I used hypnosis for my last 2 births and they made a world of difference. I wish all moms would look into hypnosis as a great tool for birth!