Keeping Women Scared and Helpless

There was another story on MSN today about a baby (8 lb. 3 oz.) that pretty much fell out of a surprised mom (17 years old) while she was taking a shower.

Because the girl wrapped up the baby and walked/ran to the hospital 4 blocks away, Dr. Jose Perez, director of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit,

...praised the girl for taking quick action. "They could have bled to death; thank God that didn't happen," the doctor said. "She was very clever. She knew what to do. She wrapped the baby up and walked over here."

The baby fell out. She WALKED and RAN four blocks afterwards. Had she known anything about birth (and I think it's disgraceful that girls aren't taught anything except that someone else will take care of everything and they really don't need to understand their own bodies) she would have known that placentas are a fraction of the size of babies and don't have bones. If the baby fell out, she could have delivered the placenta just fine. I'm surprised it didn't fall out on her way to the hospital. She obviously wasn't in any danger of bleeding to death or she wouldn't be running around the neighborhood!

Of course, if women knew that, what would they need doctors for?

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