HypnoBirthing in the News again

In August, HypnoBirthing(R) was in the news again in a video about Painless Birth.

And should have been mentioned in this story about Stress in Pregnancy because HypnoBirthing isn't just beneficial for quicker, more comfortable birth with fewer complications, but helps babies stay inside until they're done!

I wish every woman would welcome the idea of HypnoBirthing. Not every woman would have a painless labor and birth, but every woman would have the best birth possible for her, which many are not getting now considering "at least 1.5 million Americans fall prey to hospital error every year." (MSN Health and Fitness; content provided by Forbes.com)

The message? Stay out of the hospital unless you're sick! If you must go (because you are sick or injured, not healthy having a healthy baby), read YOU: The Smart Patient.

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BakersfieldHypnoBIrthing.com said...

You are so absolutely correct. Healthy mothers having a healthy pregnancy are best served if they stay out of a place (the hospital) designed for sick people.

It's also true that the quiet confidence of a HypnoBirthing mother helps to keep the baby in the womb untill she is ready to emerge.

Seems to me that we are much better served investing in HypnoBirthing than spending astonomical sums on preemies. They are pricey with respect to the cost to their development and also in dollars and scents.
Stella Greenhalgh