Blizzard Baby

Another baby was almost born on the way to the hospital, this time during a huge snow storm that buried us here in Wisconsin.
It was on the news, channel 12 I think. I didn't take notes because I figured I'd just find the details on their site and post the link, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.
The intro made no sense to me. They said the baby surprised the parents by making an early arrival. Yet they said the mother was scheduled to be induced in a couple of days. The baby appeared to be full term.
In any event, the dad was out shoveling snow like the rest of us. (It seems a never ending job the last few days.) His wife comes out and tells him they have to go to the hospital, RIGHT NOW. Visibility is near zero. It's a raging storm that is dumping snow snow so fast, malls, churches, colleges, schools and stores are closed and people are stranded. Yet these parents are so freaked out, they get in the car and risk their lives to get to the hospital.
Click here to see what these people ventured into.
What if they'd been stuck in that mess? Would they have known what to do? I'm sure not if it made more sense to them to risk death than just stay home and give birth where they would be warm and safe.
What have we done to women that they fear this natural process so?

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Steph said...

Hi... I came to your blog through my sister's blog (theglycofamily) and voted about the birthing class so I felt guilty not leaving a comment. I hate it when people stop by my blog and won't say "hello!" So "hello!" And I didn't attend any childbirth classes before my two kids' births, just FYI. I clicked the last option but can't remember it's exact wording. Have a good day!