New Baby On the Way!

Wow, our nephew and his wife, Josh and Maggie, just had a gorgeous little girl last month, and now my baby sister is pregnant! It's all very exciting!
I'm waiting to hear an announcement from my brother and his wife next. They have two beautiful girls now, but I think my brother was offered one more chance for a boy at some point. Who knows if that offer is still on the table?
So, now I'm back to knitting baby stuff, which I love!
I guess now that I'm back trying to be consistent about this blogging stuff, I'll say a bit more about HypnoBirthing too. I never did get around to that in any detail back when the question was asked.
HypnoBirthing is all I teach now. I used to teach another method, but once I found HB, and women were having such great success, I decided I was where I needed to be.
What is it? It's a class that teaches women to use self-hypnosis for birth. About 30% of women experience pain-free labor/birth. Many comment that it wasn't pain free, but it was certainly manageable and they didn't suffer or anything. Of course, most of my clients see some fabulous CNMs at Aurora in Oshkosh, so they are very happy with their HypnoBirthing births.
The bonus of HB is that using the techniques throughout pregnancy has other benefits to mom and baby as well. The Biology of Transcendence by Joseph Chilton Pearce, Prenatal Parenting, by Dr. Fred Wirth, and the video What Babies Want all speak to the science of this. Yoga is also beneficial in the same way. It's a wonderful way to treat yourself, bond with your baby, and create a gentle birth all at the same time!
For more information, testimonials, and practitioners in your area, you can go to the official website or my website.

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