Where to go from here

So, Marsha commented that she would like to know more about HypnoBirthing when preggers...what about now? And what would others like to know?
When I taught childbirth classes in one specific hospital, I was all geeked about the wonders I could share. I went in, not teaching HypnoBirthing (because that's not what I was hired to teach...no money for the facility if women give birth quickly without drugs), but teaching 'prepared childbirth' from a HB paradigm.
After a few classes, I realized something just wasn't clicking. So, I designed an 'objectives' form that I had classes fill out ahead of time. Here I wanted to teach the empowerment of a drug free, quick, often painless birth. All the mothers wanted to learn was 'how to breathe'...as if they hadn't been doing it their whole lives. All the fathers wanted to learn was how to escape this class.
So, what do women want?

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