The year is slipping away from me!Between work, school and the transition of my daughter graduating,it's been a crazy ride so far!
I'd like to say all that is keeping me away from blogging, and in part it is, but quite honestly Facebook is to mostly to blame! It is so easy to pick up a news item, that at one time I would have put on here to kvetch about, and just hit the 'share' button on FB. It's great! Through other people I've been keeping up on so much more that's going on 'out there'. However, that means I'm reading more and writing less.
In any case, one of the things I have had the opportunity to take part in was a Service-Learning project.
Service-Learning is a program wherein students volunteer to help provide service to the community in such a way that it also augments their curriculum.

This year, I was invited to participate by pairing with nursing students.

The students decided to prepare materials for women seeking out information on water birth to that might be included on this page as a local resource.

The students were Amanda Rasmussen, Michelle Babiash, and Faye Lindert. They each researched a different aspect of water birth (i.e. risks/benefits, details of finding a provider, technical aspects, etc.) and then created a Power Point presentation, a brochure and a handout.

The following link should bring up the Power Point version of their work.

These young women did a great job and I am honored to have been able to work with them to serve our community in this way.


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